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How to Start A Mailing Campaign With Four Color Postcard Printing

All types of businesses can greatly benefit from a mailing campaign. A mailing campaign is a great way to inform the public of products and services yet stay within a budget. Promoting a businesses’ products and services is vital to the success and longevity of any business. Understanding how and why the use of four color postcard printing can lead to an increase in sales may be the catalyst to your businesses’ success.

Four color post card printing has derived its’ name from the four main ink colors utilized to get the vivid eye-catching print with which businesses want to grab their audience. Those four colors are cyan, yellow, magenta and black. These four colors effectively and inexpensively provide superior and vibrant images in every postcard marketing product.

Postcard marketing products encompass a broad range of highly effective print such as mini brochures, business reply cards, greeting cards and coupons. The use of the four color printing in graphics and text lend to a brilliant outcome that dazzles customers and prospects, no matter what size of the postcard printing piece.

When it comes to postcards, options are key because not all businesses are alike. Some businesses already have a formatted promotional image that they like to simply download and have a printing company process for them. Other companies may be starting from scratch and need to use the help of a designer or template to help with the creation of their postcard printing project.

When you start a four color postcard campaign there will be many options available to you. It won’t matter if you need to send out 20 postcards or 20,000, the options will still exist. Options such as size, paper type and mailing options will all be choices that effect the look, feel and price of the postcard printing campaign.

When it comes to the cardstock options, the normal ones are 14 pt. Cardstock Gloss, 14 pt. Cardstock Matte and 13 pt. Cardstock Uncoated. You may choose an uncoated cardstock or a UV coated highgloss cardstock which will make for a higher quality yet more expensive cardstock.

Postcard printing is done are many different sizes of cardstock. Large postcards allow for more detailed information and have a greater impact. Smaller ones are more to the point and a way for a business to get the word out and save money. Some choose to have their postcards mailed in an envelope. Common sizes are 6×11″, 4.5×6″, 4×6″ and 4.25×6″ with the smallest being the least expensive.

A four color postcard printing campaign has an assortment of promotional uses. As mentioned before, it’s an excellent way to inform the public of products and services being offered by a business. Many businesses send their valued clients a birthday or anniversary postcard to keep the business fresh in the recipients mind and create brand loyalty. In addition they are also very effective for informing the public of discounts, events, promotions and as appointment reminders. Postcard printing is so economical that many salons, physicians and attorneys use them to remind clients of upcoming appointments and meetings.

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