Color Process Printing

Color Poster Printing – Various Sizes to Choose From

If you have an event you want to promote, you may be undecided about how exactly you are going to get the word out. You want as many people to know about your concert, party, seminar, or trade show, but you may be unsure how to reach them. Placing posters in areas with high pedestrian traffic should be an essential part of your promotional plan. For maximum reach, posters should be considered as important as promoting the event through social media. Through attractive design you can print full color marketing pieces that will help brand your event as an absolute ‘must attend’ party, concert, or seminar of the year.

Posters are an easy, effective way to spread the word about your event or organization to a large number of people, as well as a great opportunity for you to showcase the creativity and personality of the people behind the event. By using a little creativity, humor, and thought in the design process, you will have a marketing piece that is not only visually appealing, but creates a viral buzz about your event.

When designing your printed materials, your options are truly only limited to your imagination. Many printing companies have professional graphic designers on staff that can help guide your choices for the greatest visual impact. Since they likely have a wealth of experience in color poster printing, they can help you choose the right paper and coating options and help you navigate all of the various sizes to choose from.

When it comes to size, your primary consideration is the location you will be posting your materials. How much space do you have? Who is your audience? Are they on foot? Are they driving? Are they likely to be preoccupied with other things taking place in their environment? You want to both grab their attention and communicate the details of your event quickly and easily. In order to accomplish these goals, size is an important consideration.

Poster sizes range anywhere from just over 1X1.5 feet for placing on flyer kiosks on college campuses, to well over 2×3 feet for a repetition of posters covering an entire wall to make your message virtually unavoidable. These can be printed vertically or horizontally, to your specifications.

Next, you will need to consider whether you will post your prints outdoors or indoors. If you are largely going to be putting these up outside, you may want to opt for a gloss finish and aqueous coating for resistance to rubbing, scuffing, and natural elements as well. With posters this durable, people who see them might just want to take them home!

Other advertising techniques can be very expensive. Regardless of whether you are in a band and you want more people to come to your concert, or you are just trying to fill seats at your next seminar without breaking your budget, full-color posters make for the perfect solution to help you spread the word. Include vivid colors, visually interesting graphics, or a little humor in your design, and you will be sure to make a statement that sticks with your printed marketing materials.

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